• 2003 Tirage argentique 76 x 99 cm
  • 2003 Tirage argentique 48 x 60 cm
  • 2002 Tirage argentique 44 x 58 cm
  • 2000 Tirage argentique
  • 2002 Tirage argentique 3/5 76 x 99 cm
  • 2003 Tirage argentique 1/5 43 x 58 cm
  • 2000 Tirage argentique 58,5 x 29 cm
  • 2001 Tirage argentique 46,5 x 58 cm
  • 2007 Impression Lamba Edition 4/5 120x134 cm
  • 2008 Photo edition de 2/5 impression lambda 120 x 134 cm
  • 2007 Impression Lambda édition de 1/3 245x172 cm
  • 2007 Impression Lambda édition de 3/5 120x134 cm
  • 1995 Tirage argentique, 58.5 x 47 cm
  • 1996 Tirage argentique 56 x 80.5 cm
  • 2001 Tirage argentique 1/5 47 x 50 cm
  • 2001 Tirage argentique
  • Man made material 1997 Tirage argentique 58 x 46 cm

Artist's statement


Artist's statement: 

"In my photography, skin represents human beings. Our flesh has been used in different ways, as grist for the mill, to barricade, and in lust. So, I have decided to make use of my own skin. I have polished it, washed it, and pressed it and, at the end, I have reproduced it to decorate rooms and galleries. It has become a trophy like deer antlers or rhinoceros horns. It can be used as patterns for wall paper, carpets and tapestries. 

My work does not permit the recognition of an individual, only parts are seen but there are no fingerprints. These images do not culminate in a personal description. In one way or another we are all raw material for the same project." 


RENÉ de Jesús PEÑA González 

Born in 1957, in Havana, Cuba. 


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